Personal Biography

I began making photographs in about 1977 in high school in Woodland, California. I worked as a photojournalist through 1985, then my conversion to Christianity turned my life into another direction and into the Marine Corps.

My first duty station was in Quantico, Virginia and it was there that I met and married my wife. As years passed, we had 8 children in three different states.

We finally settled in my home town where we lived for 21 years until we moved near my wife's hometown and are rooting ourselves in Kansas (no it isn't flat).

Besides photography, I also love to sing in harmony, eat tamales, and learn about this creation through reading and travel.

I love conversing with friends (sometimes with a pipe and whiskey) and strangers, and that's why I enjoy creating portraits.

810Frame_Cherry Sample.jpg
Geoffrey in Frame.jpg
Micah in Frame.jpg